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마음 여행

20190504(토) 선곡표
글쓴이 : 마음여행
등록일 : 2019-05-09 조회수 : 181

1.Sara Bareilles - Bright lights and cityscapes

2.America - You can do magic

3.Mamas and Papas - California dreamin'

4.Celine Dion - My heart will go on

5.Jessica Simpson - When you told me you loved me

6.Savage Garden - Truly madly deeply

7.김정범 연주 - Uncertain

8.나윤선 - Uncertain weather

9.Alex de Grassi - Bright sky

10.Monty Python - Always look on the bright side of life

11.Terry Oldfield - Bright star


1.이루마 연주 - River flows in you

2.Bette Midler - the Rose

3.Harry Belafonte - 밤에 피는 장미

4.Beautiful Comeback - Don't worry

5.Rachael Yamagata - I'll find a way

6.Phil Collins - True colors

7.Jennifer Rush - the Power of love

8.Kool and the Gang - Cherish

9.Natalie Merchant - One fine day

10.배장은 연주 - When it comes to happiness

11.Ariya - 그 봄날의 아침