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마음 여행

20190505(일) 선곡표
글쓴이 : 마음여행
등록일 : 2019-05-09 조회수 : 266

1.Enrico Macias - La france de mon enfance

2.진혜림 - a Lover's concerto

3.Trytone - I'll walk with you

4.Big Mountain - Baby I love your way

5.Take That - Back for Good

6.Sweetbox - Everything's gomma be alright

7.James Ingram - Somewhere out there

8.Barbra Streisand - the Way we were

9.Billy Ocean - Suddenly

10.Mary MacGregor - Torn between two lovers

11.Scorpions - Holiday


1.영화 집으로 - Main theme

2.Julie London - When I fall in love

3.Engelbert Humperdinck - the Last waltz

4.Jon Healer - Mom

5.Jim Brickman - a Mother's day

6.Spice Girls - Mama

7.Torstein Flakne - Heart of a woman

8.Beth Neilsen Chapman - Say goodnight

9.Simply Red - If you don't know me by now

10.웅산 - the Lady wants to know

11.John Hope - a Monday in May